Vote-locking APY Tokens and earning a boost (DRAFT)

Vote-locking APY Tokens and earning a boost

If passed, this proposal will result in allowing users to lock APY tokens for a set time period to gain a boost to their APY token liquidity mining rewards.

Vote-locking can be powered by the following incentives and parameters:

  • Lock for 1 week, 1 month, 3months, 6 months, 1 year, or 4 years to receive vlAPY
  • The longer the lock, the more vlAPY received, the greater the boost
  • 4 year lock receives the maximum 1:1 ratio of APY to vlAPY
  • Boost only applies to APY token yield, not base yield from strategies
  • Vote-locked APY (vlAPY) can still be used to vote in governance
  • Boost weight calculated with:


A Vote-locking option will be added to the APY.Finance platform and vote locked APY will receive a boost for the period of the lock time


No action will be taken


I believe the correct formula is:

min( Deposit * 40 / 100 + (Total Liquidity * vlAPY Balance / vlAPY Total Supply) * 60 / 100), Deposit)

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Thanks @awinter - fixed