Proposal in CEX listing of APY token. Should be at least top 15 CEX

Dear Community
We should take everything into our hands. Note that raised funds belong to APY community and only APY community. We can even fire an existing team and hire a better one. My proposal is listing APY at least in the top 15 CEX. I have believed Will understands the market and has been here long enough to have connectins to list APY on CEX but he disappointed me and the community. Let’s vote on the CEX listing first and then review the team’s work in 3-4 months to judge them accordingly.


1st off, governance has limited features. Voting for new farms, adding utility, etc. Even as decentralization is expanded there will be limits to it’s capabilities. You’re proposal is flawed in just that, governance does not mean we can fire the team or demand a CEX listing or Will’s first born child!

2nd point, I’m on a minority probably, but I don’t support a major CEX listing at this time. I want to see some token utility features up and running, branding refresh, tour-guide mode implemented, etc. We are still an MVP and need some refinement. However I do think a smaller CEX would be great at the moment just to allow easier access to token trading with larger ones in consideration when we are more developed.


Governance means governing the project. They already blocked me for this proposal. What do you mean by limited governance? Are we children here for you to sell us shitcoin and tell us you can play with it and it’s not yours. They spend more than 1.5 yrs and we only have MVP. The team is giving huge salaries for themselves and does not care about the project. We should fight with them. Governance token means governing the project. We are disappointed with the team’s achievement. I’m sure we can find much better devs who will develop faster and deliver on time.

Please take some time to read and understand APY Finance Governance environment before making other members losing time reading this.
The reasons for your ban are related to breaking at least 3 rules of Code on Conduct frequently:

  1. Be Friendly and Patient.
  2. Constructive and Civil Discourse.
  3. No Excessive FUD or Negativity

No one would ban you for this lazy proposal

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Man, I did not break any Code of Conduct. How can I FUD when I have 1% of the total supply? You have been patient for 1.5 years and have only 11 farming strategies with low APY and no CEX release. No meaningful marketing or progress. Harvest finance delivered a lot in a short time frame. If we APY holders cant even push the team to work, Why do we need apy tokens? It’s 2022 and nothing has been properly managed. They have been giving themselves huge salaries and burning a lot of Community funded money. What can I do here?


I do agree that this should be a priority. Sad though it is, CEX listing and price action is very important for people to pay attention to the project, which is a necessity for long term growth. Although I don’t think I’m informed enough to make any further calls on the matter.

Surely it can’t be that hard to get on exchanges like CoinEx, for example.

I’m just very disappointed that APY didn’t capitalize on the moment it had in the spotlight at the end of last year when many crypto youtubers were talking about them. We need to get that back. And that requires price action and liquidity for people to care about the rest of the project.

This is a poorly thought out proposal that is more an expression of angst than anything. It refers to abilities that don’t exist for us to vote on.

I share the desire for the token to be listed on a CEX and thus gain wider exposure, but I don’t think we are quite ready yet. We need more sophistication in the underlying strategies (cross-chain stable farming, possibly adding limited levered positions) as well as more utility in the governance itself (single-sided staking, etc). After all that is there, we will gain value, which increases market cap, which is a prime criteria for inclusion in CEX’s.

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Agree with awinter. We all want this eventually, but we need further development